Published on September 22, 2017

I haven’t been updating this blog which I loved updating. I just got busy with my new life in a new location. In case any one is still reading, I’ll give a quick update.

Essentially I’ve moving from Singapore to San Francisco and started making new friends and learning new technologies. San Francisco has been truly an remarkable place. People are more passionate and helpful here.

I couldn’t find time to update this blog as much and I’m distracted by the countless things going on within San Francisco and my work.

Work has been harder as I manage a team of incredibly talented software engineers now. We work on integrating Adobe Animate CC (previously Flash) HTML canvas output into VPAID and MRAID advertisements. All these are new to me so working on them has been absolutely satisfying. I met like-minded coworkers which in turn encouraged me to continue to strive for the digital ad holy grail – interactive ads online.

I’ve also picked up hiking. I’m appreciating nature a lot more these days. Strange that I never cared about it while I was in Singapore.

Well, see you my friend. If you have any questions or interests in my work. Feel free to leave me a comment or say hello to me on Twitter.

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