What is i.justrealized.com?

It is the personal blog of KahWee where you can find things that I like, combination of technology, humor, photo diary and some rants maybe. I try to isolate this blog to feature more Singapore, more coding and less videos, so do scream at me if you spot any.

Who is KahWee?

I am an Engineering in San Francisco graduated with Bachelors of Computing and Information System from University of London. I worked for 24seven, Tremor Video, Shanda Games, gladlyCode and Tremor Video. I specialize in JavaScript. I do freelance work.

My interests are DevOps, JavaScriptCakePHP, Yii Framework and much of my work involves interfacing with third-party API.

How to get to know KahWee?

You can find me on Twitter, GitHub, Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you’re interested in going to any tech events, chances are that I probably be there and we could geek talk or something.


This blog is powered by Hugo and Netlify, you can read about my migration to Hugo.

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